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UK Work Visa From India – Eligibility, Document Checklist, How to Apply & More

The United Kingdom is one of economically the strongest countries on the planet. Because of its strong economy, high standard of living, and excellent working circumstances, the United Kingdom attracts more migrants from all over the world than any other country.

The level of living in the United Kingdom has improved over the last decade as a result of extended paid holidays, free healthcare, and a good minimum wage. Who wouldn’t be interested to work in the UK? Do you too want to work and settle in the United Kingdom? Consult our UK counselors for the best advice.

Latest Update on UK Young Professional Scheme Visa

UK government has opened second ballot for Indian Young Professional Scheme Visa where they are offering 3,000 places to Indian Citizens who will be from the age of 18 to 30. They must be eligible for the scheme in qualification and £2,530 savings

UK Work Visa Categories:

A work permit is provided to individuals who are visiting the UK to work. This is likewise a PBS system, and applicants must meet the qualifying requirements. The types of UK work visas are listed below.

UK Skilled worker Visa

UK Skilled worker visa is for professionals who plan to work and stay in the UK for a long time. You'll need to be sponsored by a licensed sponsor for this. It is a point-based system. Earlier this is called a UK Tier 2 Visa.

UK Tier 5 Visa

A 5th tier permit is available for short-term work. Unpaid volunteer labour, religious work, sports-related activities, and other activities fall under this category. These can be further classified into numerous types depending on the purpose.

UK Tier 1 Visa

A tier 1 type is suited for a long-term business activity or for people looking to start a business. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other enterprises may be eligible for this, depending on their qualifications.

UK Work Visas you can apply for without a job offer

Isn't it exciting to know that you can apply for a UK work visa without any job offer? Yes, there are multiple ways to apply for a UK visa without a job offer and some of them are

  • Graduate visa
  • India Young Professionals Scheme visa
  • Global Talent visa

Graduate visa

This visa is for students who are currently on UK Student Visa and planning to work in UK. They can apply to Graduate visa which allows them to 2 years and if the candidate did Ph.D, they can stay up to 3 years. One must apply to Graduate visa before their UK Student visa validity expires.

India Young Professionals Scheme visa

This UK Visa allow Indian citizens aged from 18-30 years to work and live in UK for 2 years. Candidates can work and live anywhere in United Kingdom. Partner and dependent children can accompany the candidate applying to UK India Young Professionals Scheme Visa. To be eligible for this visa, candidate must have a bachelor or equivalent degree as qualification and have a minimum of £2,530 savings. And the application fee for India Young Professional Scheme Visa is £298 (approx.)

Global Talent visa

This is a special category visa for preveliged candidates who are leaders or potential leaders in the fields, academia or research; arts and culture; digital technology. The candidate must be at least 18 years old and must apply for an endorsement to prove their potential as a leader.

Eligibility to get UK Skilled Worker Visa

The UK skilled worker visa is a point-based system in which applicants must score a minimum of 70 points to be eligible for the visa. Along with that, here is the list of eligibility criteria to apply for a UK Work visa.

  • Net income expected in the future should be according to approved guidelines
  • A valid Work permit in the United Kingdom
  • A Valid Offer letter for a job from a recognized organization
  • Sponsorship from a licensed UK Business
  • Proficiency in English communication
  • Bank account balance as per the guidelines
  • Your employment offer letter must state a salary of at least £25,600, or the precise salary requirements or 'going rate' for the chosen occupation.

Documents Required for UK Skilled Worker Visa for Indians:

Here is the list of documents required for the UK Skilled worker visa in 2024.

  • Certificate of sponsorship/job offer letter from a licensed UK company
  • Academic/professional certificates
  • Current employment information
  • Commendations or appreciation certificates of exceptional works if any
  • Current and previous year's salary slips and bank statements
  • Sufficient maintenance of funds for the principal applicant and his dependents (if any)
  • Language Proficiency in English with scores and clearance certificates
  • A legitimate passport with trip history and visa stamps.
  • NOC on criminal records after police verification from a recognized law enforcement agency
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • National Insurance numbers, travel, and health insurance details
  • Additional information based on the job taken

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How to get a UK Skilled Worker Visa from India?

For skilled professionals seeking to relocate to the United Kingdom, the Skilled Worker visa is mandatory. You can apply for this visa if you have been offered a job in the United Kingdom. This visa's salary criterion is £25,600, or the 'going rate,' which is the occupation's specific income requirement.
A COS-Certificate of Sponsorship must also have been provided by the licensed sponsor in the United Kingdom. The names of licensed sponsors will appear on the Skilled Worker sponsor list.

How do I apply for a Skilled Worker Visa?

There are three steps to applying for a UK Skilled Worker Visa:

  • Get a sponsorship license – Employer’s task
    The employer is in charge of the first stage. They will apply for a sponsorship license directly with UKVI – UK Visas and Immigration and will be thoroughly investigated.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship
    For the occupation they intend to fill with a non-resident worker, the approved sponsor submits a COS – Certificate of the Sponsorship application. The immigrant can apply for a Work Visa once the COS has been assigned.
  • Obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa
    The final step is for the immigrant to file a Visa application. This is done with their unique COS number and verification of Skilled Worker visa eligibility. Get in touch with our UK Work Visa Counselors to assist you with the visa application.

How long does it take to get UK Skilled worker visa?

You should obtain a decision on your UK Skilled Worker Visa within three weeks if you apply from outside the UK. You have up to three months to apply before you intend to start working in the UK. The date will be specified on your Sponsorship Certificate.

What is the duration of the UK Work visa?

The visa can be requested for up to three years (up to a maximum of 5 years). After 5 years, they can apply for FLR, and after another 2 years, they can apply for ILR.

How much is the UK work visa fees for Indians?

The visa costs for the UK vary for each visa type.

UK skilled worker visa fees:

The application fee for a UK Skilled worker visa varies according to your circumstances, but it usually costs between £625 and £1,423. And the Annual healthcare premium will be the £624. To maintain yourself once you are in the UK - you'll need at least £1,270 (unless you're exempt). In total, it would cost you around £1249 - £2047 for a UK Skilled worker visa and £1,270 as a bank balance.
You'll pay a lower application fee if your job is on the shortage occupation list.

What is UK Post Study Work Visa?

The UK post-study work visa allows international students to stay in the UK for two years after finishing their graduate studies to hunt for work.


You can usually apply to extend a Skilled Worker visa or a Tier 2 (General) work visa if you have the same job as when you were given your previous authorization to visit or stay in the UK.

There is no requirement for IELTS. An IELTS for UKVI (General) score of at least 4 bands in all four modules or a UK NARIC report for a Bachelor's or Master's degree must be used to meet the visa's English language requirements.

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