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How to get Poland Work Visa for Indians?

Poland is one of the high-income economy countries in the world. Among other Schengen countries, Poland has the highest salaries and low taxes. Along with that, Poland has the lowest cost of living. Hence Indian professionals and semi-skilled employees are increasingly interested in immigrating to Poland.

Once you get the Poland work permit, you can work legally in Poland and get to stay in Poland legally. Poland employees get to have the benefit of several health policies and others. The duration of the work permit, however, is regulated and cannot exceed three years.

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Types of Poland Work Visas

Non-EU professionals must obtain a certain type of work permit to enter Poland. In most cases, a national visa is required (type D). Work-related immigration to Poland is possible under five different visas.

  • Poland Type A Visa – A common type of work visa in Poland that will be given to the candidates with an employment contract with an employer in Poland.
  • Poland Type B Visa – The Type B work visa will be given to a board member of a business in Poland and the visa will be valid for 6-12 months.
  • Poland Type C Visa - Employees who work for a non-Polish employer but are delegated to a work in Poland for more than 30 days are awarded a type-C permit for Poland immigration.
  • Poland Type D Visa - If you are being sent to work in export services or temporary work by a foreign employer, you are qualified for this visa.
  • Poland Type E Visa - It is the most uncommon sort of work permit issued to immigrants, and it includes all areas of Polish immigration not covered by the types A-D work permits.

Eligibility Requirements for Poland Work Visa

As multiple types of visas will allow you to work in Poland, the eligibility requirements for work visa and they will vary for each visa. As mentioned above, the types of visas to work in Poland has different requirements. Verify whether you are fulfilling all the criteria.

A local "Voivode" (government land head) issues work permits for the duration of stay required to complete the work outlined in your employer's declaration. You must sign an employment contract with the employer who applied for your work visa to make it lawful.

You should be informed that your work permits are only valid for the duration of the employment with the company applied for you. You should apply for a new permit if you decide to change jobs.

The law requires your employer to:

  • Provide you with a signed employment agreement.
  • Provide a translation of the employment contract in the language of your choice.
  • Make a copy of your residency permit or visa and check its validity.
  • To access free healthcare, sick leave, and other social benefits, notify social security and health insurance organizations within seven days of signing the job contract.

Documents required for applying for a Poland Work Visa:

Here is the list of documents that need to be submitted by the employer to apply for the Poland Work permit.

  • A duly completed application form
  • Proof of payment of the visa application fee
  • Verification of the legal status of the employer through the National Court Register
  • Current economic activity records for the employer
  • Copies of the applicant's passport pages including important travel details
  • Proof of health insurance coverage for the applicant
  • A copy of the employer's profit or loss statement is a corporate document.
  • A copy of a contract about the company's services in Poland.

Poland Work Visa Application Process

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Your employer has to apply for a work permit on your behalf of you. If you've found a suitable employer and your stay has been approved, proceed to apply for a work visa. Your employer must fill out a work permit application that specifies your details, the name of the company you're recruiting for as well as your future job description.

  • A labor market analysis is required before applying for a Poland work visa. This analysis is to see if any Poland citizens or other EU citizens are qualified to fill the role.
  • If no suitable candidates are available, the company may apply for a work visa on your behalf.
  • The employer must include evidence indicating that the following conditions are met with the application:


It would generally take 10-12 days to process the Poland work visa.

Poland Work Visa costs PLN 50 i.e., INR 863.76 for a permit valid for up to three months; PLN 100 i.e., INR 1727.53 for a permit valid for longer than three months; PLN 200 i.e., INR 3455 for a type D work permit.

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