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A Complete Guide for UK Visitor Visa from India - 2024-2025

The United Kingdom commonly referred to as the UK is an island nation in Europe. Cities like London, Oxford, Edinburg, and Manchester are among the must-see tourist destinations. The country’s world-class museums, eye-catching gardens, fascinating history, and spectacular events attract people across the world.

Do you have travel plans to the UK? Read along to get a better understanding of UK visitor visas.

Do Indians need a Visitor Visa for the UK?

All Indians are required to hold a standard visitor visa to visit the UK. Standard visitor visas are issued to people visiting the UK for tourism, visiting friends or family, medical treatment, and other professional reasons

Types of Standard Visitor Visas and their Validity

The UK government issues different types of standard visitor visas. Refer to the table below to understand the types of standard visitor visas and their validity.

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Regular UK Standard Visitor visa up to 6 months
Long-term UK Standard Visitor visa
  • 2 years – 6 months per visit
  • 5 years – 6 months per visit
  • 10 years – 6 months per visit
Standard Visitor Visa for medical treatment up to 11 months
Standard Visitor Visa for academics up to 12 months

What are the Documents Required for UK Visitor Visa?

The candidate will be obliged to submit certain important documents to process their UK visitor visa.

  • A valid Passport or a travel document: The visitor’s passport should be valid as long as they stay in the UK. The passport should have a minimum of one blank page.
  • A fully completed UK tourist visa online application form with valid information.
  • A colour photograph of the candidate that was taken within the last one month. The photo should be in the size 45mm*35mm (for physical photos) and 600pixels*750pixels (for digital photos). To understand all the requirements for the visa photo please visit Get a passport photo.
  • A detailed travel itinerary of the visitor that summarizes the arrival date, departure date, places that the candidate plans to visit, etc.
  • A letter of invitation that is written and signed by the citizen or a legal resident of the UK. It is important to note that the letter of invitation is not mandatory but is highly recommended.
  • Documents showing the past 10-year travel history of the candidate.
  • A copy of the UK visa fee receipt.
  • Bank statements of the past three months as proof that the candidate can fund their stay in the UK.
  • Any document that proves that the candidate will return to India.
  • If the candidate is visiting the country for a period exceeding 6 months, the visitor has to submit their Tuberculosis test results.

What is the Cost of a UK Visitor Visa?

For a regular standard visitor visa, the candidate is required to pay a fee worth 100 Pounds as a visa application fee. If the candidate is applying for a long-term standard visitor visa, the application fee is determined by the duration of the stay.

The table below gives a detailed summary of the fee details for different durations.

Standard Visitor Visa 100 Pounds
2-year Long-term Visitor Visa 376 Pounds
5-year Long-term Visitor Visa 670 Pounds
10-year Long-term Visitor Visa 837 Pounds
Standard Visitor Visa for medical treatment 200 Pounds
Standard Visitor Visa for academics 200 Pounds

Can UK Tourist Visa Fee be Refunded?

  • The application fee is non-refundable in situations where the visitor receives a shorter visa, or the tourist visa is rejected.
  • The application fee is refundable in cases where the candidate cancels their application before submitting their biometrics and photo.

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How Long does it take to Process UK Visitor Visa?

The processing time for a standard visitor visa application would be an average of 6 weeks. It is suggested that the visitor applies for a UK tourist visa at least 3 months prior to their travel date.

UK Tourist Visa Application Process

Follow these 5 main steps to apply for a UK visitor visa:

Step 1: Understand the different types of visitor visas available for the UK and select the one that meets your requirements.

Step 2: Visit GOV UK to start your application process. Fill in the application form with the utmost care by providing all the correct details.

Step 3: Pay the UK visa application fees to proceed with the visa application process.

Step 4: Schedule an interview and take a printout of the appointment confirmation mail. It is necessary to carry all the documents when you go for the appointment.

Step 5: Attend the interview to submit your biometrics and all the required documents.

Step 6: Track your application to know the status of your UK visitor visa.

How to Extend a UK Visitor Visa?

Yes, the UK standard visa can be extended for an additional 6 months if the visitor is satisfying any of the following criteria:

  • The visitor is receiving medical treatment.
  • The visitor is an academic or a spouse/child accompanying the academic
  • The visitor is retaking their Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test.

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The candidate is required to apply for an extension before their visa expires by paying a fee of 1000 Pounds.

Is UK Open for Indian Tourists?

Yes, Indians with a valid visitor visa can now visit the UK. There are no longer any requirements for pre-arrival covid testing or a seven-day quarantine.

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