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Support for US Immigration Rises among General Public

The Trump government has since, taking the oath of office, been implementing various policies to improve immigration enforcement and drastically reduce the number of immigrants admitted into the United States

Most of these efforts – such as building the border wall, the travel ban on people from certain countries, separation of families etc. have been receiving media attention. In addition to these, the White House has reduced the number of refugee admissions, and ended many special programs for bringing more immigrants. This has resulted in more difficulties for new immigrants to enter the USA.  However the opinion of the general public in the United States is not in sync with the present government as can be seen with the various opinion polls.

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Polls Show Americans Welcome More Intake for US Immigration

The public opinion polls taken over decades have shown that US citizens are at their most welcoming towards immigrants and are extremely supportive of immigration. According to the trends recorded by Gallup poll. A question, that the poll has been asking since 1960 is, should immigration be increased or decreased? The gap between those choosing to increase the gap, and decrease the gap was 65 percent in favor of decreasing in the 1990’s.

However, since 2000, the preferences changed with 27 percent preferring to increase the amount of US immigration. The poll conducted last year showed that more than two-thirds of the US citizens preferred to either keep immigration at the current levels or increase it.

The same trend was seen in the polls for refugees. Many US citizens have kind dispositions towards refugees and support their absorption into the mainstream community. However pollsters have indicated that they preferred refugees and immigrants to integrate themselves into the society.

Americans’ have by and large provided an extremely positive and welcoming response to immigrants and refugees in the polls which can be a heartening message to anyone who is planning to immigrate to the USA.

According to another survey, more than 70 percent of the people responded that they were not troubled by encounters with non-English speaking immigrants, while nearly 70 percent were supportive towards immigrants who were undocumented.

Many of the people polled have also given a very positive outlook for their opinions of legal immigrants. Many US citizens believe that legal US immigration has helped to improve and strengthen the economy in their towns and cities and have welcomed skilled immigrants from countries like India

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