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457 Visa replaced with TSS Visa Australia



Know the details of the changes in effect with TSS Visa which replaces 457 Visa

Australia is known for its indigenous nature, pollution-free atmosphere, low crime rate and diversified talent market providing vast range of opportunities for immigrants to Australia. Prime Minister of AustraliaMalcolm Turn bill regarding immigrants to Australia announced replacement of 457 Visa (Temporary Skilled worker Visa) with TSS Visa (Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa), which means the 457 Visa will be laid off.The 457 Visa is terminated and according to the renewed law though the current 457 Visa holders are not affected but it is advisable to know the changes in line with replaced Visa system for the prospective immigrants to plan their immigration program and to file the respective application to start the Visa process for immigration to Australia. Prior to beginning the application process it is advised for the immigrants to be well informed about the changes. So take a look at the new rules, supposed to be effective from March 2018.

Features of TSS Visa with eligibility criteria of applicants seeking immigration to Australia

  1. There are 2 available streams for the applicants seeking immigration to Australia
  2. Short-Term Stream (Valid for 2 years)
  3. Medium-Term Stream (Valid for 5 years)
  4. PR pathways also were changed.
  5. There is no possible PR for Short-Term Stream but have an on-shore one time renewal of the visa for another 2 years, which allows the candidate to travel to Australia with family, live and work for that particular period of time. The candidate is also provided to travel into and out of Australia multiple times.
  6. Through the Medium-Term Stream the candidate is availed with eligibility to apply for PR after 3 years.
  7. The Skill shortage list is changed with addition and deletion of certain skills targeting certain skills that are falling short
  8. The minimum experience in the nominated skilled occupation is determined as 2 years
  9. The candidate should meet the minimum market requirement rate regarding the salary pay
  10. No criminal record Certificate of the candidate should be produced
  11. Higher standards of English language is required by the candidate
  12. Maximum age of the applicant should be less than 45 at the time of application
  13. Should be proficient in English with higher standards
  14. The position nominated for should not have any lower skill tasks

Requirements for the employers according to the changes made with TSS Visa

  1. Non-discriminatory work force test is required
  2. Temporary Skilled Migration Income threshold requirements should be met
  3. Should meet with Australian Market salary pay scale
  4. The salary of the applicant must be a higher minimum of $65,000 or $80,000
  5. The location of the sponsor must be in a particular post code
  6. The recruiter must have at least 5 full time employees
  7. The annual turnover of the recruiter must be at least $1 Million
  8. The employers/sponsors willing to recruit worker who is seeking immigration to Australia on either of the 2 streams must become an approved ‘standard business sponsor’

Some of the occupations of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa occupation list are subjected to Caveats (specific conditions). The world agrees that the Australian job/work market is challenging and diversely talented. By creating one visa program to meet multiple requirements may not be easy. The Government of Australia is still observing and analyzing the possible changes which will affect the market. No one can predict the possible advantages and disadvantages unless TSS Visa Application is implemented.

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