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Top 10 Most In-Demand Occupations for Immigration to Australia

Australia is counted amongst the most developed nations of the world and has earned a reputation for its high rate of per capita income, as well as the relatively low level of income inequality. The country offers a good quality of life, excellent academic opportunities, and a safe and stable environment to live and work in. The country also offers wonderful employment opportunities for immigrants from all over the world. We take a look at some of the top in-demand occupations for immigrants in Australia.

top occupations in demand for australia migrationTop 10 In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Professionals in Australia

If you are planning to immigrate to Australia, then you should consider some of the job positions listed below.

1. IT Systems Architect

Employees for this job position are in high demand in Australia and are offered salaries averaging around 140,000 AUD at the beginning levels. If you have higher work experience, then you can expect to get much higher pay. There are more than 1000 jobs available in this category at any given time in the country

2. IT Manager

The role of an IT manager is in demand in Australia. Being an IT manager involves knowledge of both coding and administrative management. You should be able to be comfortable with changes in technology. You can expect to earn around 125000 AUD on average. There are more than 8000 positions open for aspirants for this role in the country.

3. IT Security Architect

There is increasing demand for higher all-round security in the IT sector, which is driving up the demand for skilled and experienced IT Security Architects in Australia. If you have good work experience in this field, then you can expect to earn a salary of around 124,000 AUD in this field

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4. Cloud Engineers

If you are a cloud engineer, then you will be in demand in Australia and will find it easy to immigrate. You can expect to earn an average salary of around 112,000 AUD if you have good work experience.

5. Data Scientist

Data scientists can earn average salaries of up to 100,000 AUD in Australia. This job position has a number of vacancies in the country, and immigrants can apply for any of the more than 250 positions available across the country

6. Python Developers

Python is fast becoming a popular and easy-to-use development language in the coding field. If you are an experienced Python developer, then you can expect to earn an average salary of around 100,000 AUD. The position is high in demand, and you can find more than 2000 vacancies in Australia.

7. IT Consultants

If you are an experienced IT consultant, you will be in demand in Australia and can expect to earn around 80,000 AUD per annum on average. If you are looking for a vacancy in this field, then you will find more than 11,000 vacancies for this field in the country

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8. Project Managers

The business world in Australia is always looking out for more employees in the field of project management, who have acquired skills in the recognized project management methodologies. If you are planning to immigrate to Australia as a project manager, then you can expect to earn a salary of around 80,000 AUD

9. Telecoms Engineer

If you are a telecom engineer, then you can expect to be in high demand in Australia, as the job position for a telecom engineer has many vacancies in the country If you are experienced in this field, you can expect to earn a salary upwards of 80,000 AUD in this field

10. DevOps Engineer

If you have experience as a DevOps engineer, then you can expect to earn more than 70,000 AUD if you immigrate to Australia to work in this field. There are at present more than 2,400 open positions for this occupation in the country.

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