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A Complete Guide for Australia Visitor Visa from India- 2022

Australia, officially known as “the commonwealth of Australia” is the world’s smallest continent and sixth-largest country. The country's renowned wildlife, lush rain forests, national parks, scenic beaches, and deserts offer every tourist an enjoyable experience.

Do you have vacation plans in Australia? Here’s everything you should know about the Australian tourist visa.

Do Indians Need a Visa to Visit Australia?

People from India who would like to explore Australia as a tourist need to apply for a visitor visa, also known as Subclass 600, that permits them to enter Australia for a shorter period of time.

What Documents are Needed for an Australian Tourist Visa?

  • Pages of the candidate’s original passport that shows their personal details, photograph, date of issue, and expiry date. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the travel date.
  • Duly filled visitor visa application form (Form 1419). The form can be downloaded online from www.immi.gov.au/allforms/.
  • A recently taken colour photograph of the candidate. The acceptable size for the photo would be a width of 35mm-40mm and a length of 45mm-50mm.
  • The last three months’ bank statements, credit card statements, tax records, audited accounts or any other document that can prove that the visitor has adequate funds to stay in the country.
  • Any document as proof that the visitor will return to India at the end of their trip.
  • A cover letter and a detailed travel itinerary summarizing details like the purpose of a visit, passport details, arrival date, departure date as well as accommodation details.
  • If the visitor is younger than 18 years of age, additional documents like the candidate’s birth certificate should be submitted.

What is the Validity of an Australian Tourist Visa?

The validity of the Australian tourist visa is 12 months. In general, the Australian tourist visa permits Indian visitors to make multiple entries and stay in the country for a period of 3 months on every visit.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to Australia?

Follow these key steps to apply for an Australian tourist visa from India:

Step 1: Before you start the visa application process, make sure that you have a valid passport and meet all the health examinations if required.

Step 2:Gather all the required documents.

Step 3: Apply for the visa by creating an Immi account and filling out the application form. Once the account is created, you can submit all the documents.

Step 4: Make payment for the visa application. Your application will not be processed until you have paid the application fee

Step 5: Once your visa application form and documents are received by the authority, you will receive a confirmation. Submit your biometrics or additional documents if asked.

Step 6: You will receive your visa outcome. If you are granted a tourist visa, download a copy of the confirmation.

Tourist Visa Application Fee for Australia

Every candidate will be charged an application fee worth AUD145. Additional costs for health exams, police certifications, and biometrics might also be charged. Please refer to www.immi.gov.au/fees-charges, for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of applicable fees and charges.

How Long Does it Take to Receive an Australian Tourist Visa?

The processing time of an Australian visitor visa would be anywhere between 48 hours to 37 days. Refer to the table below to know about the average processing time of the visa applications:

25% of the applicationsy Less than 24 hours
50% of the applications Six days
75% of the applications 26 days
90% of the applications 37 days

Australian Visitor Visa Extension

If the visitor wishes to extend their stay in Australia, they can apply for an extension on their subclass 600 Visitor visa until and unless there is no 'NO further stay condition' imposed on their visa.

Latest News on Australian Tourist Visas for Indians

As per the latest news, starting from February 21, 2022, all Indians who are completely vaccinated can travel to Australia without any exemption. However, individuals who are unvaccinated must obtain an individual travel exemption.

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