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New Trump Immigration Plan Posed to Benefit Skilled Immigrants

New Trump Immigration Plan Posed to Benefit Skilled Immigrants

The new immigration plan, proposed by the Trump administration is likely to  would  raise the number of skilled visas each year. The main goal of the changes  is to restructure the visa program into a system that is based on merit, which is one of the key immigration goals of the Trump presidency. Officials who have been working on the plan have been taking notes from similar systems that are in place in  Canada and Australia.

The Trump administration is also considering a guest-worker program, to help address the seasonal labor shortage that plagues the agriculture community in the country without hampering the employment prospects of citizens. President Trump had emphasized the need to attract immigrants for ‘seasonal agricultural jobs while not affecting American workers seeking employment in the sector. However there is nothing concrete as of now and the details are yet  to be finalized

US Immigration – USCIS Announces New H1B Cap Season

US Immigration – USCIS Announces New H1B Cap Season

The US government has made an announcement to the effect that the H-1B cap season for US immigration for the year 2020 were about to begin from 1st April 2019. The government also announced the launch of a new H-1B data hub for better processing of H1B visa application

Changes to H1B Visa process for 2020

The USCIS reiterated its commitment to the smooth functioning of the H-1B visa process and stated that the new data hub would make information about the policies of USCIS more accessible to the general public. The new selection process is expected to assist in making the system more merit-based and protective of US workers.

The USCIS will accept H-1B visa petitions that have been filed on or after 1st April 2019 only. The petitioners are expected to learn and follow all the mandatory requirements when they prepare their petitions in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of their visa.

Premium Processing for H-1B visa for 2020

The Premium processing will be applied in two phases for the FY 2020 cap season in order to enable USCIS to manage the application for US immigration under the visa in the most efficient manner. The first phase will cater to those applicants who are applying for a change of status, while the second phase will include all the other petition from cap-subject applicants.

The Premium processing for the second group is expected to begin after June 2019. Any petitioner who falls under this category will need to submit their petitions first and then apply for an upgrade to premium processing by filing the form I-907 with the USCIS. You will then be notified with a confirmed date on which premium processing for your category will take place.

New Data Hub for H-1B visa petitions

The new data hub that is being launched by the USCIS for processing US immigration applications is expected to greatly improve the transparency of the visa program. It will enable the general public to search for petitioners by inputting a few parameters such as city, state zip code, company name etc. The public can then use this data to determine the approval rates for employers using the program.

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