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France Family Visa – Who can Apply & How to Apply from India

France family visa is a long-stay visa for the dependents of the France visa holders. This visa is initiated to allow foreigners to visit their family, friends, or relatives and stay in France for a longer period, i.e., 3 months to 1 Year. If you are also planning to apply for a France Family Visa, keep reading to know the complete details.

Categories of French Family Visa

Candidates who have their family members in France and want to migrate to France to be with their loved ones need to apply for a visa. The sponsor needs to be either a French citizen or EU/EEA/Swiss Citizen or a Valid Residence permit holder.

  • France Family Visa for a family member of a French Citizen
  • France Family Visa for a family member of EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens
  • France Family visa for a family member of non - EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens
  • France Family Visa for a family member of Talented passport holders

Who Can Apply for the France Family Visa?

Depending on each visa category, the eligibility will be changed accordingly. In General, the family members list includes spouse, dependent children who are under age 21, dependent elderly relatives, and descendent of the spouse.

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France Family Visa for a family member of a French Citizen

  • Spouse.
  • Children under the age of 21.
  • An older relative or the older relative of the spouse.
  • Parent or grandparent of a French national or spouse.

France Family Visa for a family member of EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens or non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens or French Citizens

  • The spouse.
  • A direct descendant or dependent under the age of 21.
  • A direct dependent older relative.
  • A direct dependent older relative or descendant of the spouse.

Documents Required for Applying for a France Family Visa

You must submit the following documents to apply for a French Family Visa:

  • Completed application for a national visa in France.
  • Two passport photos are included. Along with the other documents, you need to provide two pictures. They can't be more than three months old.
  • A passport that is valid and has two blank pages. Check the validity and date of issuance of your passport before applying.
  • Copies of older visas if available. Please give copies of all visas you have ever held for any nation in the world.
  • Certificate of the candidate's home country's criminal record - demonstrating that the candidate is not involved in any open criminal cases.
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee.

Additional documentation for a French citizen's Spouse

  • A passport or identity card can be used to prove the nationality of the spouse living in France.
  • A marriage certificate on the French civil registry is known as a "Livret de Famille."

Additional documentation for an EU citizen's overseas child or spouse

  • Passports of both biological parents.
  • If the youngster is going with only one parent, a parent's permission is required.
  • If just one parent has sole custody of the kid, the court will make a decision.
  • Valid passport of a European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA) citizen or Swiss national.
  • A sworn statement – from a member of the EU family stating that the visa applicant is a dependent of theirs.
  • Evidence of a relationship - between the child/spouse and the French citizen.

Additional documentation for a foreign parent of a kid born in France

  • Birth certificate, proof of family relations between the applicant and the kid.
  • Valid passport or CNIS as proof of the child's French nationality.
  • You must show proof that you are traveling with or joining a French national in France.

How to Apply for a France Spouse Visa or Family Visa?

A long-stay family visa in France is applied for in the same way as other visas in France. The documents that must be provided are the sole difference. Follow the steps below to complete your France family visa application properly:

  • Check if you'll need a France Family visa

    Whether or not you need a French long-stay Family visa depends totally on your nation and the region of France you wish to visit. A long-stay visa is not required for some foreign people who wish to visit France for more than three months.

    Even those who are not required to obtain a long-stay visa in France must obtain a residence permit as soon as they arrive if they plan to stay for more than six months.

  • Fill out a France long-term visa Application

    The application form is available online or by contacting the French embassy or consulate in your country through email.

  • Gather all of the required Documents

    When applying for a France Family visa, you must gather specific documents, which you must give to a consular official at the French embassy or consulate in your home country on the day of your consular interview.

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  • Make an appointment

    To attend the mandatory interview for all applicants aged 11 and up, you must make an appointment. If that option is not accessible, you can book the interview at the French embassy on your country's website. If that option is not available, you can go to the embassy to book the interview.

  • Arrive for the interview on time

    Make sure you appear at the French embassy or consulate on time on the day of your appointment. Arriving late may result in your appointment being canceled, forcing you to schedule another appointment and wait your turn.

Top FAQs Asked by Indians Applying for France Dependent Visa

The cost of applying for a long-stay visa in France is 99€. However, the application price for a long-stay visa in France and other French territorial territories for a foreign child officially adopted by the French people is 15€.

In General, long-stay visas are valid for 3 months, and in most cases, a maximum validity of 1 year will be given to the France Family visas.

If a foreigner residing in France holds a 'talent passport' or a French EU Blue Card, his or her family members will automatically be awarded a 'private and family life' residence permit.

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