Education System in Germany

Germany Education System – Standard, Grades & Universities

With almost 18,000 degrees offered in various disciplines, Germany has become the famous choice for Indian students. Along with that vast variety of options to choose from in the courses and programs, there is a huge number of reputed universities to choose from in Germany.

Germany higher education includes different degree levels which include Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate. German universities also offer special programs for students. Plus the quality of education and low tuition fees are the two main reasons why most international students choose Germany for their abroad education.

Bachelors Degree in Germany

Bachelors are the basic level of higher education that international students can apply to in Germany. Under the bachelor's degree, the students can choose their interested disciplines and get basic training during their first 6-8 semesters.

After the bachelor's degree, the students can choose any discipline from the vast choices available to pursue a master's in Germany. In Germany, there are vast numbers of the programs like BA for Humanities and Arts, Bachelors of Science for technical and engineering studies.

Masters Degree in Germany

A Master's level of education is a means to expand and increase the knowledge and increase on any particular discipline. The most popular courses to pursue in Germany are the Master of Arts, MS, and M.Eng with various disciplines.

Doctorate Degree in Germany

The third and the highest level of education in Germany opted by international students is Ph.D. Germany is quite popular for research-oriented programs as the institutions offer great infrastructure and the best professors to guide.

A doctorate is generally of two kinds in Germany. One is a traditional doctorate program where you will be guided and supervised by a professor, whom you need to find for your Ph.D. at university but you will work on your dissertation alone. Another option allows you to study your doctoral under one or more supervisors for 3 years.

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Types of Universities in Germany

It is always a better practice to know about German education way before heading to the nation for higher education. Here is the overview of types of Germany Universities.

Types of Universities Description
Universities or Technical University or Technische Universitat These are mostly towards theoretical knowledge and highly academic in nature. Doctoral degree aspirants can choose these universities.
Universities of Applied Sciences More towards practice oriented education with various study programs in Technology, Economics, Medicine and Social work. Here it will be semester type curriculum for the courses.
Colleges of Art, Film and Music These institutions offer higher education in areas such as architecture, journalism, music, visual arts, screen writing and more. Students need to clear the entrance tests for these colleges and also require the proficiency in German Language.
Dual Universities These universities are the best choice for the students who wish to develop their professional skills while pursuing their higher education at universities.
State Universities Most of the international students choose the public/state universities in Germany which will be funded by the government and have practically no tuition fee. Besides, these universities offer an impeccable quality of education.
Private universities Even the quality of education is good these universities charge a hefty tuition fees.

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Germany

Yes, there are many scholarships to study in Germany for Indian students. But the competition is high so the competition will be high so the students need to maintain an outstanding academic record to secure one. Go through our list of Scholarships available in Germany for International students.

Mostly the tuition fee in Germany is free as most of the universities are state-funded. Only private universities charge the tuition fee.

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Here is the grading system followed in Germany except for the law schools. In Germany, the universities grade the students on a scale of 1 to 5.

Grade range Label Meaning
1.0 – 1.5 Sehr Gut (Very Good/ Excellent) Exceptional Achievement
1.6 – 2.5 Gut (Good) Above-average Achievement
2.6 – 3.5 Befriedigend (Satisfactory) Acceptable achievement
3.6 – 4.0 Ausreichend (Sufficient) Lowest level of Achievement at which a degree can be awarded

Yes. There are plenty of universities that provide dual degrees in Germany. You can join Dual universities where you can take a cooperative study program while studying in a university and these cooperative study programs can enhance your professional skills.

The duration of a bachelor’s degree in Germany will be mostly 3 years or more based on the course chosen. The duration of a master’s degree in Germany will be 2 years. Some courses will be even shorter.

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