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Advantage Canada: Why Canada is on the top of immigration rankings

Canadian Immigration

Up until recently, Canada was perceived as the weaker, and more subdued little brother of USA, by the rest of the world. It was the butt of numerous jokes that compared it unfavorably to America. But of late, Canada is coming into its own, and the world is sitting up and taking notice. From being ranked as one of the top countries for liability to being home to some of the best universities, Canada has many things that make it a favored destination, we take a look at few of them:-

1. Safety:

The crime rate in Canada is one of the lowest in the world. According to research, USA's rate of murders per person is five times that of Canada. This is partly due to lower incidences of economic inequality in Canada

2. Tax honesty:

Canadian people are happy to pay their taxes. Most people in Canada pay their taxes honestly and on time, as they recognize its benefit in providing better civic services such as sanitation, electricity, education, and transportation

3. Universal healthcare:

Canada has universal health care, which means that anyone who needs medical attention is sure to get it, without having to worry about the costs involved. Everyone in Canada is covered under universal health care.

4. Winter days are busy:

Canada has harsh winters but people in Canada continue with their daily life in much the same way, it is invigorating to see people bustling about in the crisp cold snowy days on which most of the rest of the world would just curl up by the fireplace.

5. Summer days are long:

Summer days in Canada are unbelievably long. The day starts at 5:00 am and ends at 10:30 pm. It is a different experience to look out of your window at 10:00 in the night and see the sun.

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6. The people are friendly:

when it comes to bringing out the welcome wagon, no one can beat the Canadians. From federal programs designed to help new immigrants find their way around in the new place to the genial neighbor across the street who directs you to the nearest grocery store, everyone in Canada seems warm and friendly.

7. The food is superlative:

Canada is the home of multi-cuisine delicacies. Many Canadian streets are filled with cafes which sell food from different parts of the world. Walk down any of these streets and you can sample an eclectic collection of exotic dishes.

8. The air is cleaner:

According to the national air quality survey by World Health Organization (WHO), Canada has one of the lowest amounts of pollutants in the air, amongst all developed countries. When you head out for a walk to improve your health in Canada, you can rest easy that you are breathing in fresh and pure air.

9. The outdoors are breathtaking:

Canada has been lauded for its geographical diversity by none other than its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada is home to some of the most spectacular forests and national parks. The country boasts of having the largest number of lakes in the world, around three million of them, as well as a huge collection of evergreen trees.

10. Education is better in Canada:

Canadian students perform better in tests than Americans in standardized tests. The students from Canada frequently come in the top 10 among the countries from OECD that participate in reading, math and science tests. Canadians also have a higher proportion of post-secondary degrees when compared to the USA. To know more about the joys of living in Canada and your prospects for immigrating there, get in touch with Global Tree, one of the best immigration consultants in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada: The Great White North is Number 1 on this list. With easy immigration processes, a welcoming society, great education and healthcare, cool weather, and the ever-growing job market, Canada is the undisputed leader in immigration potential.

Germany: The Deutschland is famous for precision, quality, and high expectations. Unsurprisingly, it makes the list but we’re still going to spell it out. Currently, home to over 170,000 Indians, Germany is a melting pot of different cultures mostly from other countries in the EU. A veritable hub for mechanical engineering, Germany has a low level of corruption, and a love for innovation and is home to over 25 Fortune 500 companies. With the demand for highly skilled professionals, Germany is a choice destination for young, smart immigrants from all over the world.

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the best routes for Canadian immigration. Every province (state) in Canada has its criteria for immigration. This criterion is custom-fitted to reflect the needs and growth opportunities arising in that respective province.

A Master’s Degree translates directly into a better CRS score. Your educational qualifications reflect the contribution you would make to the destination country’s economy which means that you would be more sought after. Speaking one of the country's primary languages (Eg: French for Canada) also greatly raises your chances for both visa success as well job opportunities.

If you fall under the NOC list in Canada or SOL in Australia (Occupations in demand list), it means that jobs are readily available for qualified candidates. On average, individuals earn 8 times as much salary in Canada as compared to India.


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