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Australia Immigration – Global Talent Program for Australia PR

The government of Australia,  has always laid a deep focus on attracting and retaining skilled global talent in specific categories. In order  to stimulate industry growth as well as lead to growth in the economy

The global talent visa for Australia immigration has been lodged under an additional pathway, for applicants who have are either exceptionally talented or have a business that has a high net-worth and can create jobs for the country.


The Global talent  program will apply to those skilled migrant who work in specific sectors in pre-selected industries. The Australian immigration authority is prioritising this visa program by appointing Global Talent Officers, in key cities around the globe. The officers will guide the visa applicants and invite them to apply if they are found eligible. The successful applicants will get their visa processed on a priority basis and the process would be completed within 2 months.

Industries eligible for Global Talent visa pathway to Australia immigration

The following industries are at present in the list of eligible industries for applying for a Global Talent Visa.

  1. Agricultural -food and AgriTech
  2. Energy sector
  3. Health sector
  4. Defence sector
  5. Advanced Manufacturing sector
  6. Space sciences and exploration
  7. Circular economy sector
  8. Digital tech sector
  9. Infrastructure
  10. Tourism sector
  11. Financial services and Financial tech sector
  12. Education sector

The Department of immigration is also on the look out for students who are pursuing research in internationally recognised fields and which are also related to the sectors mentioned above. Individual students or student cohorts who are working on research in the specific industries as well as  those who have completed their PhD within the last three years or those who are close to submission of their thesis will be eligible for this program

Eligibility criteria for Global Talent visa

In order to be eligible to apply under the Global Talent Visa program for Australia immigration, the applicant must fulfil the following conditions.

  1. He should have experience in an industry that belongs to one of the sectors that is listed above
  2. He should have an international record of exceptional talent and achievement in the field
  3. The applicant should be able to command a salary that is equal to the High income threshold for fair work in Australia, which is approximately 150,000 AUD currently or
  4. Should have completed their PhD in a subject related to the list of specified sectors within the last three yearsor be nearing completion of the PhD program within six months from date of application

In order to be considered for the program, a candidate would need to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest (EOI) along with  a CV, and  covering letter, with evidence of achievements in your field

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