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Federal Elections 2019 and Its Impact on Canada Immigration

Current Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau’s party has been announced as the winner of the latest elections, which means that he will be returning for a second term as leader of the nation. However this time his party lost a lot of ground to the conservative party and will be forming a minority government. Mr Trudeau’s narrow margin of victory would mean that his party would need to depend on the consent of other parties for getting important decisions to be passed. As such we may see a few changes to the direction of Canada immigration policy in the future. Although we expect existing policies and immigration streams to remain untouched we may see a few changes in policies that were expected in the future. We take a look at the impact that a minority government could potentially have on Canada immigration

Federal Elections 2019 and Its Impact on Canada Immigration - Global TreeMinority Government Impact on Canada Immigration

A minority government is generally formed by the party that has the most seats. Whenever a minority government is in office, the governing party would need to take the support of other members of parliament for passing any laws and each bill would be taken up on a case by case basis. This in the case of Canada would mean, that the liberal party would need to take the opinion of smaller parties such as the NDP, which is led by Jagmeet Singh and the conservative party before making any policy decisions

Changes to Employment Factor

The Conservative Party in its website has stated its stance for supporting and safeguarding economic immigration, while ensuring that spouses and children are united with primary workers. The website also commits to set the levels of immigration which are consistent with what is in the best interests of the country.  The party is more interested in inviting more number of candidates for Canada immigration who are likely to get employed immediately or already have an offer of employment from local companies or businesses. As such the conservative party may influence the government to bring in changes that would give more weightage to the job and work experience factor in the comprehensive ranking factor.

Changes to Family Policies

The New Democratic party has been canvassing for a more open policy on family reunification and support a more easy visa process for spouses, children and dependent parents who want to join the primary immigrants in Canada.  A minority government could mean that the NDP could influence the government for more liberal policy on family immigration.

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