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Canada immigration – Quebec province launches three new pilot programs

The government of the Quebec province has announced the launch of three brand new immigration pilot programs for the region over the coming weeks. The MIFI or The Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration is planning to start the immigration pilot programs for aspirants who wish to immigrate to Canada in the following sectors.

  1. Food processing industry
  2. Healthcare sector
  3. Information technology, artificial intelligence and visual effects


Quebec launches three new pilot programs for Canada immigration It is expected that, these programs would last for a maximum period of five year, and would allow the province to attract those immigrants who would be able to meet the specific skills required by the Quebec province.

The Ministry of immigration in Quebec would provide the Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ, to a maximum number of 550 applicants, each year, for each pilot program. The persons will need to be working in the eligible sectors for each category, in order to be considered for the pilot.

Following are the eligibility criteria for the pilot programs for Quebec Immigration

  1. The applicant will need to prove that he has the finances required to sustain himself and his family for a minimum period of three months.
  1. The applicant should be 18 years of age or older to be considered for these pilot programs, the applicant should have worked and received payment legally in Quebec for a minimum period of 30 hours per week
  1. The pilot program for workers in the food processing industry, needs applicants to be able to speak French and be employed in the province at the time of the application
  1. Applicants will also need to have diploma certificate of high school or a professional studies course from the province itself.
  1. The applicant should have had a full-time job for a minimum period of two years in the province.

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  1. The pilot program for persons working as orderlies in the health care sector, requires its applicants to have worked in the province for a minimum period of one year, and be able to converse easily in French
  1. For persons applying under the work stream, they are required to have a diploma in working as an orderly and at least 2 years of work experience
  1. For applicants in the studies-work stream, should have completed a diploma course in vocational training and have a minimum of one year, of work experience in the same sector in the province.
  1. The pilot program for IT sector, will be launched on April 22nd, and is expected to attract workers in the tech industry. The workers will need to have experience of at least two years in fields related to Information technology, Artificial intelligence, and visual effects
  1. Applicants can apply under the francophone or francization program. Francophone program requires applicants to have scored a minimum of 7 in oral proficiency in the language test. The francization program requires the applicant to commit to learning the language by registering under the integration program.
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