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Top 7 Occupations in Demand in Canada Post-Covid 2021

The recent pandemic, which wreaked havoc, has completely revamped the work-life around the globe, including Canada. While a few sectors have seen a rampant loss of jobs, other fields require skilled professionals in a large count. Here are the top 7 Occupations in demand in Canada post-covid in 2021.


occupations in demand in canada post covid

List of 7 Best Occupations in-demand in Canada Post-pandemic

Canada has Healthcare, IT, Finance, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Mining as the major on-demand occupations. Here are the 7 professions, which are witnessing an increase in demand for labor to fill job positions after the presently evolving pandemic.

1. Marketing, advertising, and PR managers (NOC 0124)

The traditional advertising methods have faded away during the pandemic, and the digitalization of marketing efforts has risen. This leads to an increase in job opportunities in the Marketing and PR fields in Canada for the candidates, who are conversant with the latest digital marketing disciplines.

2. Computers and Information Technology Managers (NOC 0213)

Day by day, more organizations are depending on IT and other computer managers, as the trend for working from home is here to stay. A majority of the Canadian companies up voting for the remote work mode or adopt flexible working schedules for the long term. It increased the demand for Information Technology Managers and also this profession has become one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for Indians.

3. Biological and other Related Scientists (NOC 2121)

Biological worker includes virologists, immunologists, bio-information workers, and pharmacologists. They research diseases like Coronavirus and other potential pandemic causing viruses. The increased requirement for research is the cause for the rise in job opportunities in the biological field. As Immigration to Canada is a step towards a bright future for all immigrants, most of them choose Canada for their settlement.

4. Information systems analysts (NOC 2171)

The pandemic has increased demand for information systems analysts, who play a crucial role in assisting brick and mortar companies in transitioning to remote work culture. This will lead to the rise in job opportunities for professionals with relevant skills.
Moreover, there is also likely to be an increase in demand for cybersecurity experts and AI analysts.

5. Data administrators and Database analysts (NOC 2172)

As a testing, tracing, and tracking became the norm in Ontario and other parts of Canada, workers who were skilled in handling data and had the required work experience will find increased job opportunities in Canada. If one is looking for better opportunities, they can avail Canada Citizenship. Know the benefits of availing of Canada Citizenship and proceed with it.

6. Web developers and designers (NOC 2175)

Web developers, as well as designers, are an integral part of building websites for various companies as well as schools to help them run online. Several developers will be required to help disseminate information on the World Wide Web. The increasing trend for shopping online will lead to an increase in job opportunities for this field.

7. Medical lab technologists (NOC 3211)

The pandemic has led to a serious shortage of lab technicians. This led to an increase in job vacancies in Canada for skilled technicians with experience and knowledge in this field. The Canadian province of Ontario is planning to educational efforts to produce more students with this skill.

If you are planning to apply for Canada PR, and working in any of the above occupations, then this is the best time. Most of the jobs listed above are for skilled workers, and professionals will need to apply through the Federal Express Entry system. Many provinces also have their PNP system, which provides bonus points for selected applicants. For more information, reach out to our Canada Immigration Consultants.

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