Australia Immigration Tips on Gaining Employment after Migration
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Australia Immigration – Tips on Gaining Employment after Migration

Everybody who immigrates to Australia automatically gets the right to work and earn. Australia is home to many industries and corporations that have multiple offices across states and territories. As such, it is fairly easy to find a job, if you have the appropriate qualification for it. If you do not happen to have the required qualification at the time of immigration to Australia, you can take the help of a professional certification course to help you to hone and showcase your skills.

Australia Immigration – Tips on Gaining Employment after Migration

How to Find a Job in Australia

There are a number of jobs available across various industries in Australia. If you have recently opted for Australia immigration, then you could find that Australian job market is more competitive than you thought initially. The success of your job search could depend on various factors such as the current economic situation, the demand for labor in your field of work, the qualifications and skills you possess, as well as the state in which you are residing.  One important tip, is you should try and take up any work that is available initially, even if it does not tick all your boxes. Work experience that you gain while in Australia can prove invaluable for future job searches. Once you establish yourself, you can try to find employment of your choice.

Some visa categories allow you to enter Australia without a job on hand, in such cases you will need to find a job once you are in the country. In other cases you will need to have a job offer ready before you can immigrate. You should be sure to know the employment details of your visa category before arrival.

Best Tips to Apply For a Job after Australia Immigration

If you are looking for a job in Australia, then the best option would be to look out for vacancies in Australian local dailies, or on the internet and apply to jobs, the advertisements for job vacancies will provide detailed information about what kind of experience and skills is required, salary you can expect to earn as well as other information that is deemed important. The Ad or online job posting will mostly have details about how to apply for employment and the contact details for more information.

You will generally need to submit the following with your job application.

  1. Cover letter, clearly stating, for which job position you intend to apply.
  2. A resume that lists your personal information, educational qualifications, work experience and other details
  3. Copies of reference letters from previous employers, along with contact details
  4. Copies of any professional or trade certificates that could add weight to your resume.

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You should also check if your occupation has any special requirements such as being a member of a professional or industry association and/or registering with a government authority.  If in doubt you should check with the qualification Recognition website, which is managed by the Department of Education and Training. The website will assist you in getting your qualifications recognized. You can get your trade qualifications assessed by the Department of Education and Training via the Trades Recognition Australia.

Once you successfully find employment, you will need to provide your new employer with details of your bank account as well as your tax file number.

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