Education & Immigration Consultants

Indians moving across borders in search of jobs abroad, or to pursue overseas education are among st the largest demographic in the world. In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, it fast-paced essential to go where the action is. Moving in hopes of finding jobs abroad is fraught with uncertainties, which is why it is essential to rely on good immigration consultants. At Global Tree, our immigration consultants  are always available to guide you in your search for jobs abroad.

The company is a one-stop-shop, delivering quality overseas education services as well as services of its expert team of immigration consultants to all its clients. Our processes are primarily divided into three major processes:

Education Consultants

International universities provide quality education through better-qualified professors, lucrative placements, and a diverse student body. International universities are the only way to get an edge in today’s competitive market. This makes utilizing a reliable overseas education consultancy absolutely vital.

Our overseas education services vertical is the belief that knowledge truly is power. Global Tree’s consultants at its overseas education services department counsel students to help them find their vocation and subsequently find them the most compatible institution with which to learn. Everything from student evaluation and university selection to visa processing is handled in-house by our dedicated team at our overseas education services department.

Payment and Services for USA

1. Profile Verification / Evaluation
2. Counselling & Advising
3. University Shortlisting & Test Preparation
4. Application Process
5. Follow up with the Universities/ Colleges
6. Getting the offer of admission/ I-20, Scholarships
7. VISA Process
8. Mock Visa Interviews
9. Pre-arrival Information
10. Post Landing Services

Package (Exclusive 18% GST) 5000 Rs. 10000 Rs. 20000 Rs.
No of Applications 2 4 8

Note: additional expenses for University/College Application Fee, Courier Charges, VISA
Fee, etc.

Immigration Consultants

Our immigration consultants understand the unique requirements of individuals and families who wish to obtain jobs abroad and relocate in order to improve their lives. Be it investor visas, work visas for jobs abroad, or green card applications, our immigration consultants make sure that your search for jobs abroad has the best chance of success.

Working at Jobs abroad with foreign companies offers better salary packages, better benefits, longer holidays and most important of all, more meaningful work for all their employees as compared to their Indian counterparts. Our immigration consultants recognize this desire to find jobs abroad and live life to its fullest and are dedicated to making this dream a reality. However moving abroad can be full of pitfalls if attempted without the expertise of immigration consultants. With international security and transparency being stressed, hiring expert immigration consultants is but a small investment toward your successful future.

Canada PR (Advisory) Rs. 85,000 + Tax
Canada PR (Premium) Rs. 1,00,000 + Tax
Australia PR Rs. 95,000 + Tax
PR Dependent Visa Rs. 40,000 + Tax
Job Search Rs. 30,000 + Tax
Germany Job Seeker Visa Rs. 50,000 + Tax
Visit / Tourist Visa Rs. 15,000 per person


A number of gateway tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and others are mandatory requirements for getting admission into most universities and colleges abroad. These tests are used by the universities to assess the readiness of the student to take up the course work at the college and a high score in these tests will greatly improve one’s chances of admission. It is best to rely on an expert in abroad education training, to maximize one’s score in these tests.

Global Tree provides training for all gateway exams, conducted by an in-house team of experts in state of the art classrooms

Like death and taxes, examinations are one of the life’s constants.  There is a host of examinations to be faced, whether you are looking for jobs abroad or to pursue your studies. They just get trickier as we get older. It becomes important to have someone coach you through the training process. Almost all countries have an English competency examination such as the PTE, IELTS or TOEFL. Entry to a good American university requires an applicant to have completed an SAT examination. An MBA aspirant has to undergo a GMAT test and a GRE test is valid for most Master’s programs across the globe. Global Tree offers specialized, customized courses for all these examinations.