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Top Scholarships for study in Canadian Universities

Canada is a great place to study and many of the Canadian Universities are listed among the top 100 universities in the world. In fact studies reveal that Canada is emerging as the new Education Superpower in the world, surpassing USA in many parameters. It is not surprising therefore to see many Indian students who opt to Study in Canada. However, the cost of study in Canada, despite being less expensive than in other first world countries, is still quite high for many Indian students. Students who wish to study in Canada need to look for various options to lighten the load. One way that students can ease the cost of tuition is through scholarships.

A scholarship is a financial reward that does not have to be repaid and is awarded in recognition of merit in either the student’s field of study or in the field of sports. Scholarships are mainly awarded for academic achievement, but they can also be awarded for volunteering and work experience.

Scholarships for study in Canada

A number of options are available for students who wish to Study in Canada on a Scholarship.  The scholarships may cover the entire or part of living and tuition costs. A student has to do his research on scholarships and apply well in advance as he will need to furnish proof of funding at the time of applying for a Student Visa for study in Canada. Some of the options for scholarships for Study in Canada are

Government of Canada International Scholarships Program

The Government of Canada participates in many major International Scholarship programs which provide awards for international students for studying and research. Students can search for the various awards which are available to international students on the government website.

Scholarships from Canadian Universities

A number of Canadian universities are wooing Indian students to choose their university for study in Canada. A delegation of university presidents from 16 Universities in Canada including the top universities such as University Of British Columbia, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo have come together to     pledge around 4 million CAD in scholarships for students from India. The universities are providing 51 different scholarships specifically catered to Indian Students.

Other resources for exploring Scholarships in Canada

The funds for scholarships for International Students who study in Canada is limited. Therefore the scholarships are highly competitive. The student needs to look at multiple resources for obtaining a scholarship.

The Canadian federal and provincial government is one resource from which one can get scholarships to fund studies in Canada. The government issues scholarships from time to time under various categories.

Some scholarships may be issued by an agreement between the government of India and the Canadian government

One can approach the university where one intends to Study in Canada, directly for scholarship opportunities in one’s field of study as many universities provide scholarships to students for demonstrating outstanding merit.

Another way to learn about Scholarships in Canada is to approach a Consultant such as Global Tree, who would provide you with details of the different scholarship programs available to Indian students.

To know more contact Global Tree at Begumpet, Hyderabad, the Most Trusted Overseas Education Consultant in India.


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