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Cost to Study in Australia –Tuition Fees, Living Expenses & More

Managing finances is the biggest challenge for any student. Even though studying abroad is an expensive choice, planning can help you deal with avoidable expenses. The cost of living for a student in Australia is not just about the tuition fees, but also many other factors come into the picture. When a question “How much does it cost to study in Australia”, along with tuition fees, Food, transportation, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses also involves.

Keeping all these in mind, Australian Immigration has set a limit of AU $20,209 in the bank as financial proof, to apply for an Australian Student Visa. Check out the various factors and the expenses in Australia.

What is the average Tuition fee for Studying in Australia?

A tuition fee is almost 70% of the complete expenses to study in Australia. On average, the tuition fee in Australia would be $20,000 - $42,000 per year. Here is the list of top universities with their approximate tuition fees.

Universities Tuition Fee Range (Per Annum)
Southern Cross University (SCU) AUD $25,200 - AUD $32,000
Australian National University (ANU) AUD $36,480 - AUD $48,480
University of Melbourne AUD $25,280 - AUD $52,812
University of Sydney AUD $9,750 - AUD $67,000
The University of Queensland (QU) AUD $26,096 - AUD $76,584
The University of Western Australia (UWA) AUD $31,600 - AUD $161,600
University of New South Wales (UNSW) AUD $9,359 - AUD $48,000

How much is Rent for Students in Australia?

International students who intend to study in Australia have two options in accommodations. They can either opt to stay in campus or outside campus. And the cost of accommodation depends on the type of stay.

Type of Stay Cost in AUD per week
Apartments AUD $258 – AUD $614
Shared Room AUD $691 - AUD $300
On-Campus Accommodation AUD $154 - AUD $ 391
Guest House or Hostel AUD $126 - AUD $ 210

What are Monthly Expenses of Student in Australia?

Australia is multi-diverse with multiple cuisine combinations. You can find Indian, Chinese, Continental, American, and Italian. Plus, Australian regional food is not less than any other cuisines in the world. On average, it would cost around $40 for having a meal at a good restaurant. As the food is a little expensive in Australia, Students can approach for Scholarships to Study in Australia to compensate their expenses. Here are the other food expenses one can have as a student in Australia.

On average, it would cost around $40 for having a meal at a good restaurant. Here are the other food expenses one can have as a student in Australia.

Food Items Cost in USD Cost in INR
Whole Fat Milk -1 ltr $1.26 INR 62.87
Dozen Eggs $5.46 INR 272.51
1 Kg Apples $4.29 INR 214.11
1 Kg Tomatoes $4.94 INR 246.55
1 Kg Potatoes $3.27 INR 163.20
1 Kg Beef $16.27 INR 812.03
Bread for a Person for Two Days $2.53 INR 126.27

What is the True Cost for Transport in Australia?

Students can avail the different kinds of transportation in Australia for their commute. Here are the approximate expenses for your commute.

Transportation Medium Cost in AUD Cost in INR
Local Transport $4.20(One-way ticket) INR 209.62
One ltr of Gasoline $1.48 INR 73.87
Monthly Pass for local transport $150 INR 7,486.46
Taxi - Normal Tariff for 1km $2 INR 99.82
Taxi Start (normal tariff) $4.50 INR 224.59

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Australia

The cheapest city means the city where the tuition fee is low as that is the major financial factor for students. So, considering the tuition fees here is the list of cheapest cities in Australia for International Students.

City Average Tuition Fee a Year
Gold Coast AUD $ 28,734.84
Canberra AUD $ 31,245.65
Adelaide AUD $ 34,174.93
Melbourne AUD $ 34,174.93
Brisbane AUD $ 35,709.31
Perth AUD $ 35,848.80

The minimum cost of living including all the expenses for a student studying in Australia will be around, AUD 21,041. And if parents are coming with the student, it will add AUD 7,362, while AUD 3,152 will be added for the student coming with a child.

Australia is in the third position in the world’s expensive countries to live in. Despite its fact being expensive, the latest research says Australia is the best place to study, Start a family, and settle.

Yes. Australia is an expensive country to study in when compared to many other top countries. It is because of the greatest teacher’s union and the highest quality of education.

  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • University of Queensland (UQ)
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia (UWA)
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • University of Wollongong

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