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Cost of living in Italy for Indian Students 2023

Italy has some of the world's oldest universities, which offer a high-quality education at a reasonable price. That is why Italy has become one of the best study abroad destinations in the world. Another reason Italy is a popular study destination is its price; studying in Italy is substantially less expensive than in other European countries.

Although tuition is reasonable, other expenses such as housing, food, transportation, books, and so on must be considered. We'll go over tuition and living expenses in more detail below, so you'll have a better idea of how much money you'll need to study in Italy.

Tuition fees in Italy

Tuition fees at Italian universities are significantly lower when compared to other European countries. Tuition fees are established by universities and institutes of higher education in Italy, although they are subject to government laws governing the minimum and maximum amounts that can be charged.

  • Tuition at public universities in Italy ranges from €900 to €4,000 per year, depending on the university, degree, and level of study.
  • Private universities charge higher tuition, ranging from €6000 to €20,000 per year.
  • Tuition fees in Italy vary not just by university, course, and degree level, but also by EU and non-EU students.

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Accommodation costs in Italy

The cost of accommodation in Italy varies substantially depending on the city you live in and the type of housing you select. Sharing an apartment with other students is a great way to save money, or you can live with a local Italian family and learn about their culture while saving money.

Here are the average cost details of accommodation in Italy.

  • For housing it would cost around €300 and €700 per month, in which for Students living alone it would costs, from €400 to €700 per month, while students living in shared housing should plan on spending between €250 and €500 per month.
  • Student housing costs between €250 and €300 per month.

Transportation costs in Italy

In general, transportation in Italy is reasonably cheap. With public transportation being the most convenient means of transport. Depending on where you reside, a monthly bus, tram, or metro ticket will cost you between €25 and €45. Trains are another cheap mode of transportation if you wish to visit other places in Italy, and if you book ahead of time, you may save up to 70% on train tickets.

Food Costs in Italy

You will need to spend between €150 and €200 a month on average if you buy your things from cheap local stores. A meal in any mid-range Italian restaurant will set you back between €8 and €16, plus any taxes.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Italy

International students who desire to study in Italy must apply for a type 'D' visa and get a residence permit within 8 days of arrival. A student visa to study in Italy costs around €50 which is Rs. 4354

Bologna is a cheapest city in Italy which is the less expensive place than Milan and Rome. It would cost around €750-1000 per month for living in Bologna.

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