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Cost of Living in New Zealand for students

  • The cost of living in New Zealand can vary widely depending on the state in which you are planning to pursue your studies.
  • Like most developed countries, New Zealand offers many different discounts, to students who come to study at various universities in New Zealand.
  • In the article below, we detail the cost of living for students in New Zealand

Cost of Living in New Zealand

Cost of Living Breakup for Students in New Zealand

Expense Item Average Monthly Cost
Average cost for renting a one bedroom apartment 800 to 1500 NZD
Cost for basic utilities in New Zealand 80 to 150 NZD
Cost of travel within cities 10 to 12 NZD (per ride on average)
Monthly cost of broadand Internet 59 NZD
Average monthly cost for meals 200 NZD

Points to Consider for Cost of Living in New Zealand

  • The above costs are indicative only, and can vary depending on various factors
  • The cost of living can be more in larger and more densely populated cities than in rural areas
  • The cost is generally likely to be more in city centers than in suburban areas
  • You may need to incur additional cost related to medical or other incidental expenses and should maintain a reserve balance of cash at all times
  • Many cities offer discounts to students in public transport as well as other amenities such as museum visits and park entrance fees
  • You could opt to share the accomodation with other students to reduce your rent costs
  • If you opt to live on campus in university, you can save on accommodation costs

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Discounts and Subisidies for Students in New Zealand

If you are a student at an university in New Zealand, then you can enjoy the following discounts and subsidized fares

  • Students in New Zealand can get a student card for 20 NZD per school year. This card provides students with a number of discount options
  • The card offers discounts across a variety of expenses, including clothing, salon, food, internet, transport and others
  • The student card has three different categories based on the level at which you are studying - College, University or Tertiary and Alumni
  • Many universities in New Zealand, offer subsidies for lunch for students who eat on campus
  • You can avail of loans from public and private banks if needed to cover your cost of living while studying in New Zealand

If you want to learn more about the cost of living in New Zealand as an international student and how to avail of student discounts, you can get in touch with our highly experienced overseas education advisors at Global Tree

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to New Zealand

There are a number of ways in which you can get student discounts while studying in New Zealand.

Many stores will offer discounts on the basis of your student ID card, You can also acquire a student discount card, which will offer you discounts across many products and services.

Our expert overseas education advisors at Global Tree, we will advise you on the best way in which to calculate the cost of living for you, based on the city where you will be living, and the university where you are planning to pursue your course

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