TOEFL Syllabus

TOEFL Exam Syllabus 2024: Exam Pattern, Section-wise Syllabus & Scores

TOEFL is an international English proficiency test for students wishing to study at American and Canadian colleges. In the last few years, this standardized test has undergone numerous adjustments. In addition, a new exam pattern with an updated syllabus was just issued. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about the revised TOEFL Exam format for 2024, including the section-by-section syllabus.

Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing are the four components of the TOFEL exam. There are varying time limitations and questioning patterns for each section. For each area, the maximum score range and the average score by the majority of the candidates are listed below.

Section Score Range Average score
Reading 0-30 20
Listening 0-30 19
Speaking 0-30 19
Writing 0-30 20
Total 0-120 80

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New Exam Pattern for TOEFL 2024

ETS conducts the TOEFL exam in three to three and a half hours, with a 10-minute break after each of the four sections. TOEFL can now be taken on paper as well as on a computer. Mostly everyone opts for the TOEFL Ibt computer-based test these days. The results will be available 10 days after the test date. Applicants will be prompted to select interested universities during TOEFL registration so that results will be sent to those universities or colleges automatically.

TOEFL Reading Section Syllabus

The reading section is used to evaluate a candidate's ability to read, comprehend a topic, and respond to questions. It consists of three to four passages, each with ten questions. The time restriction for this section will be between 54 and 72 minutes.

Focus more on academic vocabulary for the best score in the Reading portion, as the terminologies used in the TOEFL Question paper will be more sophisticated.

TOEFL Listening Section Syllabus

The listening section assesses candidates' ability to grasp and comprehend the language to determine how well they can cope in foreign nations. TOEFL exam has 4 sections, this section is broken down into four sections. The first two recordings will largely consist of monologues or regular day-to-day conversations between two people. The other two will be monologues or conversations between four persons about education, classroom issues, or careers.

Recording 1 – Day-to-day or social talk between two people

Recording 2 – Day to day or general topic-based talks or monologues

Recording 3 – Four people have a conversation about education or careers.

Recording 4 – Dialogues or monologues about education or a career

You may be asked 40+ questions in the listening segment, with a time limit of 41-57 minutes.

TOEFL Speaking Section Syllabus

Based on the personal interview, speech, and discussion given by the candidate as part of the test, the speaking section assesses the candidate's communication abilities. The speaking section will take 11 to 17 minutes to complete.

Personal Interview– Day-to-day or social talk between two people

Speech– Candidates will be given 1-2 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to speak about a photograph that will be displayed on the screen.

Discussion– Based on the prior presented topic, questions will be asked in this part. This could take anything from 5 to 6 minutes.

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TOEFL Writing Section Syllabus

The writing section comprises two questions and a time limit of 50-60 minutes. On the provided topic, a brief essay must be composed. One essay can be 150 words long, while the other must be 250 words long. The content can be general, factual, evidence-based, argumentative, or used to support an opinion.

Top FAQs Asked by Students about TOEFL Training

The TOEFL test takes around 3 hours to complete for the iBT version, however, applicants should allow 3.5 hours, including 30 minutes for check-in. And the TOEFL Essentials will be 1 ½ hour long.

Your TOEFL scores are valid for two years after they are declared.

The TOEFL test can be taken as many times as the candidate wants, but he or she must wait three days following the first test to retake it.

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