Cost of Living

Cost of Living in USA

One of the major concerns for students who wish to study in the USA is the cost. The cost of education in the USA varies for each candidate and also depends on the course they choose to study. Particularly, students who choose STEM courses will have high fees than the rest. Also, the cost of tuition fees differs for Public and Private Universities.

Public universities 'fees will be lesser when compared to private universities. This is because the public universities are well-funded by the government. Also, the competition for public universities will be very high.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to USA

Here is the estimated tuition fee per annum in different kinds of American Universities for an undergraduate degree program.

  • Public University - $26,290
  • Private University - $35,830
  • Community College - $6,000 – 20,000
  • Location of the University

Here is the estimated tuition fee per annum in different kinds of American Universities for a post-graduate degree program.

  • Public University - $25,000
  • Private University - $41,000
  • Location of the University

MBA is a professional degree that costs a little higher when compared to other courses. On average, it will cost you around, $70,000 per year for an MBA in the USA. Check out the cost to study in USA with comparision to other countries here.

As the USA has many states, the cost of living for a month varies for each location. Here are the location-wise monthly expenses excluding rent.

Location Monthly expenses in USD (approx.)
Dallas $912
Houston $823
Chicago $1,023
Detroit $917
New Orleans $973
Seattle $1,175
Los Angeles $1,073
San Francisco $1,249
San Diego $988
Boston $1,170
Miami $1,069
Atlanta $1,031
Philadelphia $1,043
Washington D.C. $1,120
New York City $1,359

Another major expense for students in the USA is rent. It will be lesser if you were able to book an on-campus residence. However, city apartments will be extremely expensive.

Type of Accommodation Cost in USA
On-Campus Rent Public four-year colleges - $9,800 per year
Private four-year colleges - $11,100 per year
Dorms Off-Campus $450(4 sharing room)per month
1 Bed Room Apartment – Rural Area $500 per month
1 Bed Room Apartment – City $3,500 per month

The cost of food will depend on each lifestyle. A student, who lives on campus at a hostel needs around $250 per month including three meals a day. And students who live outside the campus should take care of themselves for food and groceries.

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A variety of public transport facilities are available in the USA for students, like, Trains, Buses, Subways, taxis, and Bicycles. Students can take monthly passes for transportation which would cost around $40-100 depending upon the city.

Here is the list of cheap universities in the USA for Indian Students with low tuition fees.

  • Alabama State University
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Minnesota
  • Purdue University
  • Florida State University

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