Education System in USA

USA Education System

The USA education system is known for its flexibility and high standards. Unlike India, the USA doesn’t have central graduation examinations. Instead, USA students should attend state-level graduate examinations and pass the tests. With a diverse range of courses for all study stages, the USA has become a home for many international students.

Most Indian Students choose the USA for their higher education. USA education system is unique when compared to India. More focus on research and practical knowledge is what the USA concentrates on. The pedagogy in USA university classrooms leans more towards teaching the practical concepts of a course.

Study Levels in USA Study Levels in India
Elementary school Primary
Middle school/Junior high school Secondary
High school Higher secondary
Post-Secondary / Higher education (College) Graduation

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Types of Colleges in USA

Universities are further categorized as

Type of University Description Competition for Admission
Ivy League Sports Group of 8 elite colleges in North Eastern United States; Most Esteemed colleges Highly competitive
Public Ivies A cluster of 30 colleges; Well reputed; Academically precise Slightly low
Liberal Arts Philosophy Courses in humanities, arts, languages, philosophy, and the social sciences; Focuses on teaching than research for undergraduates; small student population Moderate
Specialist institutions Universities for music, visual and applied arts, etc. Slightly low
Land Grant Colleges and Universities Public funded universities with high student population Slightly high
Research Intensive Institutions More focused on research; Moderate
Suitable for students seeking Doctoral degree

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to USA

The academic year in the USA would be in three ways in the form of three intakes. The USA has three intakes.

  • Fall – Starts in August/ September and ends in January
  • Spring – Starts in January and ends in April
  • Summer – Starts in May and ends in August

Most of the Indian students prefer fall intake as it will be complimenting with Indian academic year pattern.

The USA allows the candidate on a Student visa to work for 20 hours/week during school breaks, or during school sessions. Students can work both on-campus and off-campus if that is affiliated with the school.

To study in USA universities, completing 10+2 standard for under graduation and a minimum of 16 years of education as per USA education standards for Masters is mandatory.

Plus, you need to score a minimum qualifying score in SAT/IELTS/TOEFL. Know more Eligible Criteria to Study in the USA.

Distance education is nothing but online learning in the USA by which, you can study in US universities sitting at home. Also, US universities offer a wide variety of full-time degree programs for both under-graduates and post-graduates.

Convert your Indian Percentage to USA GPA in three simple steps.

  • Divide your percentage by 100
  • Multiply by 4
  • The result is your GPA

Or simply check the below table to convert your percentage to GPA & Grade.

Percentage GPA Grade
85-100 4 A+
80-84 3.7 A
75-79 3.3 B+
70-74 3 B
65-69 2.7 B-
60-64 2.3 C+
55-59 2 C
50-54 1.7 C-
45-49 1.3 D
40-44 1 D
0-39 0 F

Students can change to another course even after admission process to USA University. The USA has a flexible academic curriculum that allows students to change their majors even in their second semester.

GPA means Grade Point Average used by most of the USA universities to assess how well you performed in a course or a test.

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