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Situated just off the coast of England, Ireland is the birthplace of the military tank, color photography, a cure for leprosy and probably most famously, porter beer. Education in Ireland is one of the most sought-after in the world. Students, who come to study in Ireland commonly choose to learn in the cities of Dublin and

Education In Ireland

Ireland has constantly made sustained investments in education. Therefore now, Ireland has one of the highest educational participation from students keen on acquiring abroad education in the world. Even though the education institutions are private they are highly government funded.  Education in Ireland has primarily 3 types of educational institutions: Universities, Technological institutions, and private colleges.

Universities in Ireland, as well as the other institutions, offer a wide range of opportunities in post-secondary courses, vocational and technical training, Universities in Ireland offer graduate and postgraduate programs to students who come to study in Ireland. Universities in Ireland offer a cooperative work-study program in which students are placed in employment relevant to their Degree programs for 6 to 8 months during their undergraduate studies. Students, wishing to study in Ireland, usually prefer shorter duration courses like the 1 year Masters or Diploma programs.

Entry Criterion For Universities In Ireland

Academic requirement – To apply for undergraduate programs in Universities in Ireland, candidates require 10+2 or equivalent educational qualification. A student who wishes to study in Ireland for his post graduation will require a bachelor’s degree from a relevant field.

Most institutions have their own eligibility criteria and students who wish to study in Ireland can apply based on their current profile. Doctoral programs are also available, though not in large volumes. Requirements and availability vary.


  1. Major intake – September
  2. Other Intakes – January, May

Living costs

€7000 to €11,000 per annum depending on location and lifestyle

Tuition fee

  1. €8500 €13000 per annum for Masters programs
  2. €7000 €10000 per annum for diploma programs

The admission process is extremely short and quick. Students can apply to the educational institute with application form, relevant academic documents etc (for a complete list please contact our offices). Universities and other institutions take about 1 to 2 weeks for processing an application. Once admission is confirmed students have to apply for pre visa approval from Ireland Embassy. After Pre visa approval students will be intimated by Ireland High Commission to make one term fee payment. After paying the fees , students get visa approved.

Students who enroll for a study program in Ireland are eligible to work part time for upro 20 hours per week during the period when the term is going on and full time during holidays. The average wage for part time jobs is between €8 and €10 per hour.

On completion of the program students are allowed to work for a period of 1 year on a full time basis. Ireland also has a comparatively liberal family immigration policy and students who have studied in Ireland earn special points.

On receiving an admit or in principal approval a student can apply for Irish visa. A police clearance will be needed before an application for a visa is made. The visa application form along with the relevant admission, educational and financial documents (for a detailed list please check with our office) have to be submitted to the Irish embassy. The visa office takes anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks based on the number of pending applications in queue to communicate its acceptance. The visa is usually for a period of 3 months only and has to be extended after joining the educational institution.